PC Repairs and Support in Warwick and Leamington Spa

March 26, 2009

ASL Computer Services are now offering on-site computer support and repair services in Warwick, Leamington Spa and surrounding villages. This is in addition to the existing areas covered (Rugby, Daventry, Southam, and Coventry).

One of our experienced PC engineers will come out to your home or office to fix your PC problems. No call out fees or travel time charged.

Why not give us a call today on 01926 298034


Internet Explorer vulnerability

December 18, 2008

Microsoft has issued a security patch to fix a critical vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser which has attacked over 2 million Windows users.

Their advice is to update Windows with the security patch as soon as possible. The relevant patch for your version of Windows and Internet Explorer can be downloaded below


Chris Moody

ASL Computer Services


May 25, 2008

We recently found a useful utility called “ClipMate”, from Thornsoft Development. Normally the Windows Clipboard only holds the last entry copied into it, with prior entries being lost forever. Clipmate keeps all your clipboard entries in it’s own internal database, to be available for subsequent retrieval. Clipmate also lets you manipulate the enties in the clipboard.

Here are just some of the powerful features of Clipmate:

·         ClipMate Remembers everything that you cut or copy to the clipboard.

·         It works with all Windows programs that work with the clipboard.

·         Searchable database can hold THOUSANDS of clips, in Text, RTF, HTML, and Bitmap format.

·         “Shortcuts” place commonly-used clips within easy reach for quick re-use.

·         PowerPaste™ feature helps you quickly paste a series of clips, or break apart complex data by comma, linebreak, etc.

A 30 day trial of Clipmate can be downloaded from www.clipmate.com and the full program costs around thirty five USdollars, under twenty pounds sterling.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Rugby CV21 3XH


The PrtSc key on your keyboard

May 25, 2008

Many people are not aware of the existence of the “PrtSc” key on every PC keyboard, or what it’s function is. In fact this is a very useful key. The “PrtSc” stands for PrintScreen and every time you press this key, an image of the current contents of your PC display is copied into an area called the Windows Clipboard.  You can then “paste” this image into any windows application.

So why is this so useful? Imagine you had to keep a permanent record of something on your PC screen, perhaps details of an online internet purchase, or maybe an error message that has popped up.  Just press the PrtSc key, then open up Word or Wordpad, and click on Edit-Paste in the drop down menus. An exact Image of your PC screen is now in contained in the word (or Wordpad) document and can be saved, or emailed to someone else.

Perhaps you need to document how to complete a particular task on a PC for someone else to follow. Just go through the task, and PrtSc every stage of the process, pasting the screen shots into word as you go along. We all know “pictures are worth a thousand words” so your documentation on how to do this particular task will be easy for others to follow.

If you don’t want to capture the whole screen, just the currently active “window”, hold down the “Alt” key while you press PrtSc.

Thanks to Tim Foden for giving me the idea to write about the PrtSc key.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
Computer Support and Repair for Small Businesses in the Midlands (based in Rugby)

Windows Vista

April 6, 2008

Back in February we wrote about Windows Vista and how we thought it was still too early to adopt this new Operating Systems for any serious PC use. The update to Vista, Service Pack 1, which was supposed to fix the many bugs, and speed up the slowness of Vista, seems to have made little difference.

I found this blog entry today that asks if Microsoft are trying to quietly kill off Vista by extending support for XP, and announcing the replacement for Vista (Windows 7) will be launched sometime in 2009. It looks like Vista will be around for less than two years before it is replaced.


Our advice at ASL is to still stick with XP as the Operating System for your new PCs. Hopefully “Windows 7” will be more successful than Vista.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
If you have a PC problem, ASL can fix IT

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