Really useful software – dropbox

June 10, 2010

Do you use multiple PC’s? Perhaps you have a desktop PC in your office, another desktop PC at home, and a laptop as well. Do you find that the files you want to view or edit are always on the wrong PC and you end up emailing them to yourself, or transferring them on a usb pendrive.

I have been trying out a web based application for the past few weeks that resolves that problem. It’s called Dropbox.

First you create a Dropbox account, which is free. Then you install dropbox on each of your PC’s. Dropbox creates a folder within your My Documents called “My dropbox”.

Any files that you put in the dropbox folder, or any subfolders below that, will be automatically syncronised across all your PC’s that are connected to your dropbox account.

Dropbox will work on Windows, Linux, Mac’s, iPhones, and Android Phones (Blackberry support coming soon) so you can synchronise your files between your PC, Apple Mac, and your phone.

Also, if you are away from all your dropbox enabled devices you can logon via the Dropbox website to retrieve any dropbox file.

You get 2GB of storage free with a dropbox account, but if you need more than that you can buy extra space.

Dropbox has some other useful features, but I’ll save those for another blog article.

You can singup for a dropbox account below.

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Four ways to take control of your e-mail Inbox

June 7, 2010

Four ways to take control of your e-mail Inbox. This is an interesting article by Microsoft on how to deal with the large quatities of email that arrive in our inboxes daily.

The article is a bit biased towards Outlook, but is relevant whatever email client / task management software you use.

How long each day do you spend dealing with your inbox, let me know in the comments section.

Chris Moody
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Really useful software – Digital Image Viewers

June 3, 2010

What is the best Free Digital Image Viewer for windows. There are lots of applications available for viewing digital images, and performing simple editing of those images.  Here is a review of the best ones available.  –

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Really useful software – Evernote

May 20, 2010

Over the next few weeks I will be posting articles on various applications and software that we have found to be really useful. Some will be relevant to home PC users, and others will be more geared up to the small businesses.

I will start off with an application that I use to capture notes, screenshots, and ideas.

Evernote is a free application designed for notetaking and archiving of information. A “note” can be a piece of formattable text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, plain text, a screen capture, or a handwritten “ink” note.  Notes can then be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, and searched.

Evernote supports a number of operating system platforms (including Android, OSX, Windows and WebOS), so will run on PC’s, Macs, and mobile phones, and offers online synchronization between all these devices and platforms. Use of the online server is free up to a certain monthly usage limit, with additional monthly use reserved for paying subscribers.

I find it is really good for capturing notes and then making them available in a searchable format.

More details can be found at

Chris Moody
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Windows7 RC available for public download

May 12, 2009

Microsoft have made the final test version of their new Operating System, Windows7,  available to the general public as a free time limited download. Anyone can register and download the new Operating System, and use it until March 2010 at no cost whatsoever. After March 2010 you will need to uninstall the software, and revert to your old Operating System, or buy a copy of Windows7.

We have been testing earlier Beta versions of Windows7, and so far have been impressed with both the speed and stability of Windows7. We will be trying out this latest test version later on this week.

Microsoft are obviously keen to make Windows7 a success, and have taken the unusual step in allowing the general public to both try the software out for a generous 10 months, and take part in the final testing stage.

The software can be downloaded here, all you need to do is to signup for a free Windows Live Account to register.

Let us know how you get on with Windows7 if you do decide to try it out. Please bear in mind this software is still in the testing stage so we would not recommend installing it on your main PC; better to install it on a spare PC, or laptop, that is not business critical.

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Conficker Worm; What do you need to do to protect your PC?

March 31, 2009

Computers infected with the infamous Conficker worm will start scanning the Internet for instructions this April Fools’ Day. What action do you need to take to protect your PC?

Firstly, don’t panic, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Conficker scanning tool
  2. Unzip the contents of this download to an empty folder on your PC
  3. Double click on the bd_rem_tool_gui.exe file
  4. click on start

This scanning tool will show you if your PC is infected with the Conficker worm virus, and assist with the removal of the worm if needed.

If you need any advice just give us a call.

Chris Moody
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Brand new Dell desktop PC with Win XP Professional

September 2, 2008

We have managed to obtain some fairly high spec Dell desktop PC’s with Windows XP Professional instead of Vista installed. These are brand new stock from Dell with on-site next business day hardware warranties until Aug 2009 (12 months).

The spec is ideal for business use as they have:

  • Fast dual processors
  • Large amount of memory
  • Win XP Pro installed but Vista business licence and media included in case you wish to “upgrade” later on to Vista
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • DVD Re-writer

They are priced at £230 plus VAT. Full details of the offer are here.

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