Getting rid of all SPAM from your Inbox

August 23, 2007

 We are all now getting more and more SPAM (unsolicited bulk e-mails) in our in-boxes. Not only is this annoying, it can waste a considerable amount of time just to delete this junk. Last week we discovered a new service that claims to stop 100 percent of SPAM from reaching your in-box, but will not filter out any valid emails, quite a claim.

A couple of our customers have tried it out and they say that so far it seems to do exactly what it says it will. If you want to get a free no obligation 14 day trial of this service visit  the following web link.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services

Note: If you use the above link and then subsequently purchase the ClearMyMail service ASL Computer Services will receive a small commission payment from the software developer. The price you pay will not be any different, the developers are just sharing some of their profit with us. We are not recommending this service because we are being paid commission (it’s only pennies per copy) but because it seems to be the best SPAM solution currently available for small businesses and individuals. If another product was better, but didn’t pay commission we would recommend the better product. I just wanted to be totally up front about the fact we may earn a few pounds from recommending this service. If you wish the software developer to keep all the profit and not pay us any commission then use this link instead .

What not to do with email

July 15, 2007

An interesting article I found on the blog. Email is a great business tool, but it can take a large amount of your day to keep on top of your inbox, and it can distract you from other productive work.

 Do you agree with all the Do Nots?


Web based email from Google

February 17, 2007

How we use and access our email is changing. Before broadband most people used a dial up connection to access the internet. This was charged by the minute, and was relatively expensive. So we connected to the internet, received our emails onto our PC’s, then disconnected. We read the emails, composed replies, and then connected again briefly to do another send and receive.

With the introduction of broadband, virtually all businesses, and the majority of domestic PC users now have a permanent internet connection. We now also have internet access on mobile phones as well. This has lead to many people wishing to be able to access their email from anywhere, at any time, on any device with an internet connection, Webmail was born!

Googlemail was created in April 2004, but for the last three years has been under development and testing and only released to test users by invitation. ASL was given Googlemail to test back in August 2005, and for the last fifteen months we have been using Googlemail as our company email system.

So what makes Googlemail different:

  1. You get more than enough space for all your emails, and Google are continually increasing the storage space. This means you never have to delete emails to free up space, just keep everything. I have nine thousand emails stored in my GoogleMail mailbox, and it’s showing only 17 percent full.

  2. You search using key words to find that email you want, rather than having to file them in folders. Once you have read an email in your inbox just hit the “archive” button and forget about it. You can always find it again using a search, which saves time.

  3. Googlemail recognizes related messages, and groups them into “conversations”, where associated messages are listed one after another.

  4. GoogleMail contains one of the most accurate Spam filters I have used.

  5. All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses, automatically, including attachments.

  6. You can access your emails from any computer (PC or Mac), mobile phone, or PDA, anywhere in the world, as long as it’s connected to the Internet

Googlemail is very different to the other Web based email accounts and it’s innovative features make it in our opinion far superior to all it’s competitors.

To get your free GoogleMail account just go to and sign up.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services

HTML E-mail newsletters

February 3, 2007

For a while we have been looking into the best way to send formatted HTML e-Mails.

We want to send a monthly Newsletter to our Customers, and I run a Mailing list for our local FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) branch. Writing HTML E-mails manually and trying to send them via Outlook just doesn’t work properly.

We have just completed testing a HTML Emailing service from MailChimp and it seems to work really well. So if anyone else is looking for an easy way to send HTML Emails take a look at MailChimp

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