Backup: My Pictures

We all take lots of digital photos, and they mainly end up in the “My Pictures” folder on your laptop or desktop PC. That’s great because you can view them on your PC screen whenever you like. But what happens when your PC hard drive fails? We get lots of calls from customers that have lost years and years worth of photos. Often we can recover some or all of the digital pictures, but it’s a time consuming, and therefore costly, process.

It’s much better to backup your digital photographs automatically. There are a number of cloud storage providers that allow you to automatically backup copies of your photos to their cloud storage for a small charge, or some are even free. This means that it’s not a disaster when your hard drive fails. Take a look at Amazon, Dropbox, Flickr, Google, and Onedrive. My personal favourites at the moment are Google for backing up from my desktop PC and Onedrive for my tablet / smartphone pictures.

So don’t delay, backup your digital photos before your hard drive fails.

It’s easy to setup but if you do need help just give us a call.


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