Must have software for my new laptop part 2: Dropbox

The new laptop is setup and the Anti Virus software is installed. So what software was next on my list to install?


Dropbox synchronises files and folders on your PC with your dropbox storage “in the cloud”. So why is that so useful? Let me explain.

You update a document in your dropbox folder on your desktop PC. It immediately gets synchronised up to “the cloud”. Later that day you turn on your laptop, and the updated file gets synchronised automatically by dropbox onto your laptop. You update the file again, on the laptop, and it’s synced back to the cloud (and your desktop PC). Still later you access the file again using dropbox on your IOS or Android smartphone and modify it. It gets synced again up to the cloud and all your other devices. In summary dropbox makes sure all your files are kept in sync & up to date across all your devices, automatically.

Perhaps now you can see why dropbox is so useful. For a free account with 2.25Gb dropbox storage use the link below:

Free Dropbox account with 2.25gb storage **

Chris Moody (ASL Computer Services)

** Using this referal link gives both the new dropbox account & myself an extra 0.25Gb storage. If you are not happy with this, sign up using the dropbox link near the top of the article.


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