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What software do you install straight away when setting up a new PC ?


I have just got myself a new work laptop and thought it would be interesting to produce a series of short blogs on those really useful items of software that you just cannot work efficiently without.

The first piece of software to be installed after setting up the PC has to be Anti Virus software to keep it safe from Virus attacks. My choice was between:

My previous Laptop was running Avira (without any problems at all), and we use AVG Internet Security on some of the other PC’s in the office. So I decided this time to use Microsoft Security Essentials on my new laptop. All three products are excellent, and we have installed each of them on numerous systems, both in-house and for clients. I just like to make sure I use each of them personally from time to time, just to prove to myself they are still the best Anti Virus products out there.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share with you the other bits of software that just had to be installed straight away to make the laptop useable.