Really Useful Software – KeePass

Do you find it hard keeping track of all the passwords that you have to remember?

  • Internet banking
  • Webmail
  • Shopping online
  • Suppliers websites
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I have been trying out a software package called KeeePass. You store all your passwords and login information in the KeePass’s encrypted database. When you want to logon to a website KeePass will enter the username and password for you (just drag and drop). The passwords are hidden so nobody looking over your shoulder can guess your password. And all you need to remember is the master password for KeePass.

You can download KeePass from

ASL Computer Services


One Response to Really Useful Software – KeePass

  1. Yes this password manager is pretty useful and powerful software. I have written a article on this in great details.

    KeePass Password Safe at


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