Really useful software – dropbox

Do you use multiple PC’s? Perhaps you have a desktop PC in your office, another desktop PC at home, and a laptop as well. Do you find that the files you want to view or edit are always on the wrong PC and you end up emailing them to yourself, or transferring them on a usb pendrive.

I have been trying out a web based application for the past few weeks that resolves that problem. It’s called Dropbox.

First you create a Dropbox account, which is free. Then you install dropbox on each of your PC’s. Dropbox creates a folder within your My Documents called “My dropbox”.

Any files that you put in the dropbox folder, or any subfolders below that, will be automatically syncronised across all your PC’s that are connected to your dropbox account.

Dropbox will work on Windows, Linux, Mac’s, iPhones, and Android Phones (Blackberry support coming soon) so you can synchronise your files between your PC, Apple Mac, and your phone.

Also, if you are away from all your dropbox enabled devices you can logon via the Dropbox website to retrieve any dropbox file.

You get 2GB of storage free with a dropbox account, but if you need more than that you can buy extra space.

Dropbox has some other useful features, but I’ll save those for another blog article.

You can singup for a dropbox account below.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
PC support and repairs for home PC users & small businesses


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