Windows7 RC available for public download

Microsoft have made the final test version of their new Operating System, Windows7,  available to the general public as a free time limited download. Anyone can register and download the new Operating System, and use it until March 2010 at no cost whatsoever. After March 2010 you will need to uninstall the software, and revert to your old Operating System, or buy a copy of Windows7.

We have been testing earlier Beta versions of Windows7, and so far have been impressed with both the speed and stability of Windows7. We will be trying out this latest test version later on this week.

Microsoft are obviously keen to make Windows7 a success, and have taken the unusual step in allowing the general public to both try the software out for a generous 10 months, and take part in the final testing stage.

The software can be downloaded here, all you need to do is to signup for a free Windows Live Account to register.

Let us know how you get on with Windows7 if you do decide to try it out. Please bear in mind this software is still in the testing stage so we would not recommend installing it on your main PC; better to install it on a spare PC, or laptop, that is not business critical.

ASL Computer Services


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