Holiday Photos

We are now quickly approaching the peak holiday season. Many of you will be almost ready to jet off on that well earned summer holiday. While on holiday you will no doubt take lots of pictures with your digital camera, or even your mobile phone, as many phones now have high quality cameras built in. But what do you do with your pictures when you get home?

Many of us will transfer our holiday photos onto our computers and then leave them there never to be seen again. Why not do something different this year. Create a free account with one of the many Internet based photo album services. When you have uploaded your pictures into these web based albums you can share them with your friends and family across the Internet. You control exactly who can access your pictures, or you can make them public, it’s your choice.

It is much easier that creating CD’s and putting them in the post, or trying to email large photos to individual people. There is another advantage as well. As your pictures are then stored somewhere else as well as on your PC you have a backup. So if the ones on your PC are deleted accidentally you have not lost all your pictures, just download them again from your web album.

A number of companies offer this service, take a look at:

Flickr –

Snapfish –

Photobucket –

Putfile –

Picasa Web Albums –

Alternatively if you have a facebook account you can use that to share your photos with individual friends, all friends, all friends and friends of friends, or even everyone.

Facebook –

Enjoy your holidays and take lots of photos.


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ASL Computer Services
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