We recently found a useful utility called “ClipMate”, from Thornsoft Development. Normally the Windows Clipboard only holds the last entry copied into it, with prior entries being lost forever. Clipmate keeps all your clipboard entries in it’s own internal database, to be available for subsequent retrieval. Clipmate also lets you manipulate the enties in the clipboard.

Here are just some of the powerful features of Clipmate:

·         ClipMate Remembers everything that you cut or copy to the clipboard.

·         It works with all Windows programs that work with the clipboard.

·         Searchable database can hold THOUSANDS of clips, in Text, RTF, HTML, and Bitmap format.

·         “Shortcuts” place commonly-used clips within easy reach for quick re-use.

·         PowerPaste™ feature helps you quickly paste a series of clips, or break apart complex data by comma, linebreak, etc.

A 30 day trial of Clipmate can be downloaded from and the full program costs around thirty five USdollars, under twenty pounds sterling.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Rugby CV21 3XH



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