Windows Vista or XP

Windows Vista became widely available back in Jan 2007. Now, just over a year later, it is becoming more and more difficult to buy a new PC with XP installed, most are only available with Vista. We are often asked by customers, should I go for Vista or insist on XP?

For business users we think that there are still too many problems getting Vista to work with existing hardware and software packages for them to switch yet. Also Vista is very resource hungry. It needs lots of memory, and fast processors, just to run the operating system. Many businesses are quite rightly not prepared to invest in the more powerful, and therefore expensive, hardware just to run Office, email, and an accounts package. So they are currently sticking with XP.

For the home PC user the decision is more difficult. They are not tied to using specific software packages or hardware. If it does not work with Vista they can replace it without too much hassle. And the new Aero graphical interface with transparent title bars, stacking window chooser, and window preview from the task bar is popular with users.

Hopefully the imminent service pack 1 for Vista will fix many of the bugs and problems, and provide compatibility with more hardware and software.  In our opinion it’s still too early for home PC users to switch unless they really want to be on the cutting edge of technology.  But hopefully by the middle of 2008 Vista will be stable enough for the majority of home PC users to consider this for their new PC operating system.

For business users we think a migration to Vista is still a long way off, probably well into 2009.

At ASL Computer services over 80 percent of the desktop and laptop PC’s we supplied in January were running XP, I think that says it all.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
Specialists in computer support for small
businesses and domestic home PC users
01788 298034 or 07852 159092


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