Hi-Tech Gadgets for XMAS

I thought I would try to give you some ideas on electronic gadgets and computer equipment as Xmas presents for your friends and relatives.

·         If they have a computer and broadband why not consider buying them a Skype compatible phone handset or webcam. It will enable them to talk to friends and relatives who are also on Skype for free, even if they are the other side of the world. And with a webcam the other person can see you as well.

·         Or how about  a digital photo frame. It looks like a standard photo frame but it displays a rolling slideshow of the photographs on the camera memory card inserted into it.

·         Laptops used to be very expensive but in the last 12 months the price has dropped considerably. You can get a good quality entry level laptop for around £300 – £350.

·         Digital cameras always make a good present as they can be used to capture the Christmas festivities, and are a useful item to own all year round.

·         USB Pendrives are useful for transporting files between PC’s, either at home, or between home and work, and they are now so cheap they can be purchased as stocking fillers.

·         iPods and MP3 music players are good for people that spend lots of time commuting on public transport. They can listen to their favourite music or podcasts, and on some models even watch videos.

·         The Apple iPhone is the latest must have gadget, albeit a pricey and currently hard to obtain gift. It will play your music, it’s a web browser, it’s your phone, and it’s made by Apple, for some that’s an irresistible combination.

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services


One Response to Hi-Tech Gadgets for XMAS

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