On-line backups

Backing up your data is important. Many things can cause a total or partial loss of your data files; fire, flood, hardware failure, or even theft of your PC. If you are a home PC user and you lose your data it may be annoying (e.g. Loosing irreplaceable photos). If you are a small business loss of your data could cause significant financial problems, or even in some cases failure of your business.

Now with broadband being widespread a number of suppliers have launched on-line backup services. With on-line backups your data files are encrypted and then sent automatically in the background to a remote server across your broadband connection. As you modify your files or add new ones, the changes are also sent to the backup server automatically. If you loose any of your files you just tell the on-line backup software which files or folders to send back to your PC, and they are downloaded across your broadband connection. On-line backups have the advantage that they are automated so do not rely on someone having to remember to do the backup, ideal for busy people.

We have been testing some of these on-line backup services and Mozy seems to be one of the better ones. If you are a home PC user it will backup your data for free. If you have large amounts of data, or are a business, then there is a small monthly charge for the service.

 Mozy Free (Home Use)

Mozy (Business use or for large amounts of data)

Chris Moody
ASL Computer Services
01788 298034

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